• Trick or Treat

    Hawaii's 1st Contactless Drive Thru Trick or Treat
  • The Haunted Trail

    Drive Thru Family Haunt + Trick or Treat
  • Save a Life Enhance a Life Foundation

    100% of donated proceeds go to foundation

October 15-31, 2020

Start time 6:00pm

Mari's Garden, HI

Which event is best for my child?

The Trick or Treat show is held from 6pm to 8pm and is a pretty mellow show.  The focus is on trick or treat and actors will be listening for a child or parent saying those magic words… “Trick or Treat!”.  Neither show uses costumes that are bloody or gorey but the costumes are professional & could frighten young toddlers. 

The later show is called The Haunted Trail held from 8pm to 10pm and the actors are a little more scary and aggressive but nothing too crazy. There are special effects and surprises that even adults will find worthwhile. We look forward to seeing everyone.

Trick or Treat Scare Score
Haunted Trail Scare Score

1 Venue / two Events

Trick Or Treat

Primarily a Trick or Treat, this event is perfect for younger kids. Kids will be prompted by actors to say “trick or treat” and would appreciate the help from parents. 100% contactless, Trick or Treat bags remain on the outside of the vehicles. Costumes do not use blood or gore, but the costumes are professional and may not sit well with some toddlers.

The Haunted Trail

Purposed as a Haunt & A Trick or Treat, this event is perfect for slightly older, adventurous and brave kids and will even be entertaining for adults. Costumes do not use blood or gore, but there are at least 5 scenes designed to provide some surprises and scare factor.

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